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Migrating to eXCITE II (Common Desktop Services) for the U.S. Department of Energy

Full-service delivery model uses automated management tools

The Challenge

DOE required a common operating environment (COE) that involved the consolidation of all aspects of common IT systems and services throughout DOE onto one stable platform. To accomplish the goal, it was necessary to transition and consolidate 100 full-time help desk employees at more than 15 satellite locations, develop a scalable support system for help desk, security, and client services, and implement automated management training for senior managers.

The Solution

Our IT professionals successfully transitioned the DOE COE desktop program to a firm fixed price (FFP) seat model by implementing a full-service delivery model using automated management tools for more than 4,000 desktops. For a fixed monthly fee per seat, we provide the following:

  • Periodic hardware refreshment to select new models for the DOE COE.
  • Desktop PCs with the current DOE COE software and peripherals. We maintain the standard COE image, which includes office automation software, utilities, and drivers.
  • Asset management.
  • Help desk services and a single point of contact to resolve IT problems, providing 24 x 7 customer support with varying levels of service from which to select.
  • Cyber security for DOE COE including firewalls, two-factor authentication, IDS support, incident reporting, vulnerability scanning, and 24x7x365 monitoring of common services.
  • E-mail and messaging including message virus protection, global directory services, calendar, and collaboration tools for Lotus Notes and Microsoft.
  • Enterprise Management System providing a common set of automated tools to maintain integrity and optimal performance of workstations and servers.
  • Hardware and software acquisition support for workstations and PCs, laptops, and printers.
  • Research and testing of new hardware and software technologies and their inclusion into the DOE COE as appropriate after thorough testing.
  • Testing of non-COE applications requested by program offices to ensure compatibility with the COE and to identify potential security issues.
  • Customer account management to ensure that customers receive the support they require.
  • Access to DOE corporate applications through the application hosting environment, which both hosts and houses mission-specific and corporate applications.
  • Print and file services, Internet access, and 24x7x365 monitoring of all systems.
  • Remote access through secure connectivity to the DOE IT infrastructure and DOE corporate applications.

We also provided Information Technology Infrastructure Library (ITIL) v3 training to help senior managers accurately identify initial processes and explore options to transform and evolve DOE's new technologies.

The Results

Thanks to the successful transition to a consolidated services center help desk environment, DOE has experienced:

  • Sizable cost savings by migrating from a Time and Materials task to an FFP model
  • Improved customer service statistics
  • More efficiently trained senior management staff


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