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Delivering Comprehensive IT Services to the U. S. Department of Energy, Everyday

Staying ahead of the threat

The Challenge

Accomplishing the Department of Energy's mission to discover solutions to power and secure America's future demands the effective use of information technology, while strengthening the protection of systems and data. When DOE sought a services strategythat would centralize IT planning, acquisition, and implementation nationwide; support multiple program and staff offices; consolidate five former DOE contracts, and phase-in 300+ people, 80 tasks, and all desired subcontractors, the Department needed a comprehensive solution and a trusted partner.

The Solution

Since 2005, EES has supported DOE’s Information Technology Support Services (ITSS) requirements, providing a broad range of reliable, high-performance, cost- effective IT management and applications software services for DOE facilities nationwide. Our teams support DOE’s mission-critical information technology with cyber security, telecommunications, data center support, systems development, help desk support, and network operations services. We manage more than 350 employees along with 13 subcontractors who partner with DOE to provide performance-based services and solutions to more than 7,500 end-users in the Washington, D.C. area and more than 12,000 nationwide. 

Every day, EES delivers IT solutions to DOE involving:

Network Operations Support

EES worked closely with DOE to deploy and manage the DOEnet, a nationwide corporate WAN connecting 45 DOE sites in more than 25 states. DOEnet uses a high-speed, high-availability ATM backbone. We manage the network from a central location using enterprise resource management (ERM) tools and technologies that support secure, standardized device configurations while meeting or exceeding customer expectations. In addition, we operate and manage the DOE Headquarters' metropolitan area network (MAN), which interconnects 13 satellite offices across the Washington, D.C. area.

Finally, our teams operate and manage the LAN segments within each HQ site. We provide a standard network interface to the desktop, use Gigabit Ethernet to interconnect applications servers for special applications, manage the edge devices on the HQ LAN, and provide LAN support for all distribution and core switches and routers. To enhance DOE's collaboration capabilities, we developed and engineered a Voice-over-Internet Protocol (VoIP) pilot deployment at DOE HQ. Currently, we support the business case analysis to modernize the DOE HQ LAN and telephone infrastructure including VoIP solutions.

Applications Hosting Environment and Data Center and Facility Management

We operate and maintain an applications hosting environment (AHE) and data center that houses 250 file servers supporting critical DOE Corporate applications systems, remote computing capabilities, and e-mail servers for Microsoft and Lotus Notes. Our teams also support various UNIX operating systems and open-source UNIX program products.

Applications services include end-to-end hardware and software planning, engineering, acquisition, development, and implementation activities, with the aim of creating a fast and beneficial experience for the customer user.

Telephone and Network Services

To support DOE’s telecommunications requirements, we provide the Department with round-the-clock telephony services for 14,000 lines as well as backup systems.  We operate and maintain two city-class Nortel MSL-100 switches and customer premises equipment at seven locations in the greater Washington, D.C., metropolitan area. In addition, we provide support for designing, documenting, implementing, and managing switched voice communication networks. 

In the area of telephony and network services, we also:

  • Maintain and repair infrastructure, e.g., file servers, router hubs, telephones, and line cards; and perform moves, adds, and changes
  • Manage subscriber equipment to maintain an acceptable grade of service
  • Document and test the physical plant
  • Provide training on equipment
  • Provide on-site support for cellular, paging, and BlackBerry devices
  • Manage DOE calling cards
  • Provide telephone operator services as well as locator service, operator information assistance, connections and tracking for international calls, conference call support for logging, assigning, and tracking “meet-me” conference call numbers, and tracking for the facilities for meet-me conference calls

Using best practices and industry standards, our audio, video, and Web conferencing services support across 15 DOE HQ and field sites. Services include scheduling, operation setup, configuration and troubleshooting, implementation of IP video, online meetings, and maintaining collaborative Web services that align with eCommerce and eGov guidelines.

The Results

  • Consolidation of common IT systems and services, promoted collaboration, improved efficiency, increased IT purchasing power, and reduced overall IT expenditures
  • Recognition by DOE with commendations for service and performance


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