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EES LLC News Release – July 1, 2013: EES Announces New IT Innovation Lab to Support Customers in the Federal IT Community

DEVELOPING GAME CHANGERS: EES' TRANSCEND IT Innovation Lab Empowers Employees, Encourages Thought Leadership, and Enables Customer Web and Mobile Application Development

We have seen firsthand how our engineer's ideas and innovation can change and more fully support, even transform, our clients' mission and business processes. From Strategic Planning to Operations, Applications Engineering, and Cyber Security, EES often plays a critical role in planning, innovative thinking, and delivering strategic mobile/Web applications for our customers. But it's not enough! To be more effective for our customers, we are encouraging and fostering the innovation and creativity of our technical staff. To this end, EES has fully implemented an IT Innovation Lab at our corporate offices in Germantown, MD.

Our EES IT Innovation Lab provides the perfect environment for creating game-changing ideas and developing our people. No one has cornered the market on good ideas...they come from all levels and all areas of the corporation. The EES IT Innovation Lab is a signature innovation effort—helping our technology experts identify and incubate new ideas and solutions for the marketplace. It also fosters and promotes stronger communication across our technical staff regardless of geographic location.

EES believes that no idea is too big or too small. It can be as simple as developing a tool for a customer or one that helps our employees do their jobs more effectively. Maybe it's a simple productivity tool delivered via a mobile app that creates a community of users with a common administrative process requirement. It might be a shared interest in a complex technology requirement for Salesforce, ServiceNow, Drupal...

Our employees bring their ideas, their intellectual and creative energy, and their passion. With the help of the EES IT Innovation Lab they create Game Changers!

Consistent with our culture of performance, EES rewards our staff for creativity and for delivering results and cost efficiencies to our clients. The EES IT Innovation Lab includes a mix of servers, desktops, tablets, mobile phones, etc. that are all geared towards developing new solutions for customers. The goal of our IT Lab environment and process is to get creative people together, physically or virtually, to generate ideas and create prototypes, brain-storm, and try new ideas. The hardware devices and software help prototype and demonstrate mobile, Web or other solutions and provide platforms for developers to experiment. The IT Innovation Lab has already assisted our staff in delivering results for our DOE and Treasury customers. EES is excited about this new opportunity to transform our service delivery and enhance our customers' missions.

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