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William R. Teel, Jr.

President and Chief Executive Officer

William R. Teel, Jr., Chief Executive OfficerAs EES President and Chief Executive Officer, William R. Teel, Jr. is responsible for overall executive leadership including responsibility for business affairs, corporate strategic planning, and mission success. Mr. Teel founded EES’ majority owner 1 Source Consulting, Inc. in April 1999 with the vision of building a strategic information technology and management consulting firm focused on helping clients "create synergy between business demands and technology solutions." His 20 years of federal, commercial, and non-profit experience also reinforced his belief that in today's economy, organizations must optimize business operations, perform efficiently with modest resources, and successfully compete in a rapidly changing global market.

Leveraging his original vision, Mr. Teel has built a professional services firm that continuously emphasizes the highest work standards and professionalism, consistently delivers quality services, and conducts daily business activities in accordance with strong business ethics. Today, Mr. Teel’s strategic leadership ensures that 1 Source Consulting and EES continue to exceed customer expectations.

Prior to establishing 1 Source Consulting and EES, Mr. Teel worked at the U.S Department of Energy, T. Rowe Price, the Association of American Medical Colleges, James Martin Consulting, and ACS Government Solutions.

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